About Ellen

Ellen has a track record of helping individual adults and elders explore, identify and resolve difficulties in relationships, jobs, parenting, life transitions, aging, grief & loss, trauma, and sexual abuse, and address the causes of anxiety and depression.

Ellen is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has certifications in Anxiety and Trauma treatment. Her career began as a front line social worker, where she served a wide range of clients and social needs including foster care, suicide hotline, elders at risk, children at risk, traumatic brain injury, and women in need. She eventually left the front line to establish her current mental health practice, where she helps individuals break free from mental and emotional struggles through guided therapy. She defines guided therapy as a highly customized, case-by-case process by which the client explores and takes control of their own journey through incremental shared experiences with a trained, professional guide. The ultimate goal is to be able to manage one's own personal challenges, thus resulting in emotional stability, peace of mind and a better life. Her wide range of experience as a front line social worker has given her an additional depth of insight into human nature, and how life’s circumstances can affect individuals in different ways. Recently, she has provided volunteer therapy services for frontline nurses and doctors during the Covid-19 pandemic. Ellen currently provides teletherapy sessions via secure video appointments.

A major predictor of success in therapy is the relationship that develops between the therapist and the client. Ellen is not a traditional therapist who just sits back and listens. She sees herself as an agent for change — using techniques such as sensorimotor training, guided imagery, and interactive listening/shared experience. The core of her practice involves sensorimotor therapy where the patient learns to be attentive to how their thoughts are impacting their physical body, and producing unwanted feelings or symptoms such as anxiety and/or depression.

"Sometimes just the telling of the story is enough to help alleviate anxiety, depression, and trauma; similar to a soldier coming off a battlefield and de-briefing. Other times the telling of the story is not enough. More may be needed. I have specialized training in Sensorimotor psychotherapy. That is the theory that anxiety, depression, and trauma not only manifests in our thoughts, but in our physical body as well. The body feels the thoughts. The body remembers the trauma. It is in developing the awareness, in the moment, of how the thoughts impact the physical body that healing begins. Recognizing how the mind/body connection works is crucial. That's where I come in. I will work with you to develop that awareness and teach techniques that lower the physical level of stress and anxiety. It's then that the mind can better focus on the tasks ahead and make the changes you desire. Or just enjoy some peace and serenity in the moment."

Ellen's Credentials

(Licensed Clinical Social Worker)

(Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional)

(Certified Clinical Trauma Professional)

(Certified Clinical Telemental Health Professional)

Their Words

Anonymous statements from Ellen's guided therapy clients:

"I don't think I could have done it without you"
"I don't want to lose touch with you"
"You saved my life"

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